365 Meme: Lydia’s Dream: A Roman Lady Who Saw History Made

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Title: Lydia’s Dream: A Roman Lady Who Saw History Made

Author: Don Snuggs

Release Date: 2/6/2014

Synopsis: “The story of Easter has been told for two thousand years. But less is known about it now than when it began in Roman occupied Palestine…Lydia is a Roman woman of noble ancestry, and the wife of Pontius Pilate, the procurator of Judea. She has a unique quality about her, unlike her contemporaries in Roman society, in that she finds herself very aware of the feelings and sensitivities of others, and it is this ability that will haunt her for years to come. When a local man is accused by his own people of crimes worthy of death, Pilate is asked to judge his innocence or guilt. The night before the trial, Lydia is visited by the accused figure in her dreams. He convinces her of his innocence in an unfamiliar voice that burns itself into her memory, warning her that disaster will surely follow if her husband is involved in this case. Ignoring his wife’s advice, the procurator decides the fate of the accused, and the prisoner is subsequently executed. Lydia is left haunted by the voice in her dreams, which follows her throughout her long life and confronts her in all of her affairs. It is only years later, when she comes face to face with Emperor Nero, that she eventually meets the owner of the voice she has come to know so well…Through Lydia’s eyes, one of the most famous stories in history is told, and the birth of Easter is seen from a different and new perspective. It will make an intriguing read for any fans of historical fiction.”