I have been posting book reviews online since 2006. I started with a Vox blog, and bought the domain Historical-Fiction.net in January 2007. A year later my web host, from whom I purchased the domain, failed to re-register and it was purchased by someone else. And so, after losing most of my content, I moved to another host and purchased Historical-Fiction.com in 2008. I’ve had a few WordPress crashes since, and just reloaded (nearly) everything this past autumn, so my archives are not as they were.

I have also pulled away from hosting giveaways, guest posts and such because I don’t have time to manage them. You’ll find my original reviews on this site, that are sometimes posted at GoodReads, Amazon and on the Historical Novels Review website as well.

I joined the Historical Novel Society in 2011 and am exclusively reviewing for the magazine. If you are an author looking for a review, I recommend that you submit your book after reading the guidelines (publishers/small press or self-published).

If you enjoy reading articles from this site, please join my Facebook Page. I regularly post reviews and eBook deals & freebies, as well as an occasional giveaway.

If you are a Jean Plaidy fan, please check out my website, Royal Intrigue and its Facebook Page! I have also started a blog cataloging Jane Austen continuations: Austenista — it is not updated very often, but if you wish to search sequels by book or character, it is a handy tool.

Just as a general note regarding the purpose of this website: it was created solely to house my reviews and as a indexing tool for myself. I don’t claim to be an expert on the genre, nor do I read a very wide variety of eras. Most books I read are within the scope of Jean Plaidy’s works, 12th Century to Victorian (and mostly set in England, Ireland, France or Italy), although I do enjoy to stray occasionally. Most authors I read are female for the simple reason that women tend to write the characters and themes that interest me.

If you do email/message me via my FB Page I am sorry to say it will probably go unread. I honestly do not have time to add more to my reading list since I work outside the home full time and have two kids. I am not making excuses when I say I am busy! Thank you for reading and understanding :) — Arleigh