review: Meg Roper

Meg Roper by Jean Plaidy This young adult novel penned in the early 60’s is based on the eldest daughter of Sir Thomas More, one of King Henry VIII’s ministers who fell out of [...] read more

review: Evergreen Gallant

Evergreen Gallant by Jean Plaidy There are three major themes to this novel: Catholics versus Huguenots, the succession of the French throne and Henri IV’s amorous ways. One of the reasons I really liked [...] read more

review: The King’s Agent

The King’s Agent by Donna Russo Morin Blending fact and fantasy, this fast-paced novel–which can only be described as an articulate historical adventure–Donna Russo Morin brings to life a real historical figure, Battista della [...] read more

review: Duchessina

Duchessina: A Novel of Catherine de’ Medici by Carolyn Meyer Duchessina is a young adult novel based on the early life of Catherine de’ Medici, niece of two Popes and later Queen of France. [...] read more

review: The Wild Irish

The Wild Irish by Robin Maxwell In 1593, Grace O’Malley, Mother of the Irish Rebellion, famously met with Queen Elizabeth I of England with a petition to set her son free of Elizabeth’s English-Irish [...] read more