review: Mercer Girls

Mercer Girls by Libbie Hawker In 1864, founder of the University of Washington, Asa Mercer, left the Territory in search of young, single women willing to make the treacherous journey from the East Coast [...] read more

review: Gone West

Gone West Book Two of the Doc Holliday Trilogy by Victoria Wilcox The second in Wilcox’s Doc Holliday trilogy, this installment follows the legendary dentist-turned-outlaw from Galveston, Texas to Tombstone, Arizona in a series [...] read more

review: Savannah

Savannah by Eugenia Price Beginning a sweeping four book saga, Savannah introduces Mark Browning as a surprising protagonist–young, educated, privileged, and who, despite his upbringing and inheritance, is down-to-earth, monetarily savvy and eagerly looking [...] read more

review: Work of Art

Work of Art: Love and Murder in 19th Century New York by Ginger Myrick Del Ryan is a young Irish immigrant eking out a living for herself and her invalid mother by serving as [...] read more