Colorizing Part(s) of an Image

Tutorial made using Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3. You can download a trial version of PSP at Corel, although you can get a simpler and less expensive version on eBay (Jasc Paint Shop Pro versions 7 & 9 are easy to learn).

Open PSP and click on the FULL EDITOR tab.

FILE > OPEN and select your image.

Once you have it open go to LAYERS > NEW RASTER LAYER.


Select the FREEHAND SELECTION TOOL, selection type: point-to-point, mode: replace, and set the feather to 15, smoothing to 5 and click anti-alias.


Trace around the part of the image you’d like to change, and don’t worry with making it perfect, since you can retouch. Once you have your selection, choose a color on the color palette, and click on the FLOOD FILL tool. Fill the area, and don’t worry – it’s not going to look right until you use a blend mode.


The BLEND MODE may be on your right tool bar, and if not, you can go to VIEW > PALETTES > LAYERS to place it there. You can alternately go to LAYERS > PROPERTIES, but this is the long route.


To get your desired effect, you will need to play with the blend modes to see which one looks the best. The ones I tend to use are Multiply and Overlay, but Color (Legacy) worked well with this image. Once you find the blend mode you like, go to SELECTIONS > SELECT NONE.

If there are any places you need to touch up (especially if you’re working on areas with lighter colors), use the FREEHAND SELECTION TOOL once again with the same settings. Select only a small portion along the area that needs retouching and press DELETE.


Once you’re finished touching up, go to LAYERS > MERGE > MERGE ALL (FLATTEN).


With this image, I would have repeated the steps and touched up the remaining green on the other side of the cord, however, I won’t worry about that on this tutorial.