Custom eBook Covers

I’ve been editing graphics for 15 years, and have finally combined this hobby with my other passion: Books! I worked for many years as a bookseller and merchandiser. One of my favorite duties was arranging new books on the front tables and displays, as I have always had an eye for attractive book covers. With the recent influx of self-published eBooks, I finally have the opportunity to offer my services to authors as a freelance graphic designer.

Selection of Book Covers I’ve Designed:
But for the Grace of God by Ginger Myrick
A Circle Around Forever by Robert K. Swisher, Jr.
El Rey by Ginger Myrick
Insatiable by Ginger Myrick
The Spinster and the Wastrel by Louise Bergin
The Welsh Healer by Ginger Myrick
Work of Art by Ginger Myrick
Vent by Robert K. Swisher, Jr.

Please contact me with the following:
• Title & Subtitle/Series Name (if applicable)
• Author Name
• Any extras, such as quotes, reviews or award emblems
• Any and all details regarding your preferences

Pricing Information
Custom Cover Designs
• Exclusive rights to image (will only use on your cover)*
• Any 3 specified sizes
• One 3D book cover image (hardcover, paperback or eReader style)
• JPG & PNG Formats
• Matching advertising image for social media
• Temporary ad on (if your genre is HF)
*please note that base image is a royalty-free stock photo that can be purchased by others on stock photo websites – exclusivity is in regards to my editing, including blends, brushes, vectors, embellishments and effects added.

If you’re interested in other graphics, such as website header graphics, FB banners, advertising graphics, flyers, buttons, animated gifs, etc., please send a detailed message via my contact form and I will get back with you with a quote.