new eBook: The Kingsley House

Arliss Ryan, author of one of my favorite novels, The Secret Confessions of Anne Shakespeare (read my review), just released her first novel in eBook format.kingsleyhouse

The Kingsley House
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In 1843, newlyweds Nathan and Mary Kingsley envision a good life in their new house in the pioneer community of Livonia, Michigan-until a runaway slave on the Underground Railroad takes refuge in their cellar, and Mary must make a desperate attempt to save her wounded husband and the slave from pursuing hunters.

Drawing on her own family history, Arliss Ryan has written a classic American tale: the richly imagined story of five generations-from Nathan’s son Horace, a born schemer who is all too ready to sacrifice his birthright; to Emma, who helps sustain the family through a heartbreaking diphtheria epidemic; to Nathan’s great-great-granddaughter Laura, who falls in love with a daredevil pilot. By the time the wilderness where Nathan built his home has grown into a suburb of Detroit, the Kingsley House has seen wicked deeds, a summer of lost childhood, a suicide, and a chance to fall in love a second time.

Arliss Ryan vividly brings over one hundred years of American history to life through the unforgettable story of a simple family house-and the generations whose lives passed within its walls.

AUTHOR BIO: Arliss Ryan, a writer, sailor, pilot, and the great-great-great granddaughter of Nathan Kingsley, lives in Newport, Rhode Island. This is her first novel. The real Kingsley House was taken off its foundations in 1977 and moved to Greenmead, a historic village outside Detroit.