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Adkins, Lesley & Roy
Jane Austen’s England (HNR review)

Avery, Ellis
The Last Nude (HNR review)

Aylmer, Janet
Darcy’s Story

Bagwell, Gillian
The September Queen (HNR review)
Venus in Winter

Baker, Jo

Barnes, Margaret Campbell
My Lady of Cleves

Baumgold, Julie
The Diamond

Becton, Jennifer
Caroline Bingley

Bennett, Vanora
Figures in Silk
Portrait of an Unknown Woman

Bloom, Amy
Lucky Us (HNR review, not yet published)

Bogdan, D. L.
The Forgotten Queen
Rivals in the Tudor Court
Secrets of the Tudor Court
The Sumerton Women

Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker
The Lacemaker and the Princess

Brenegan, Debra
Shame the Devil

Burford, Eleanor

Byrd, Sandra
Roses Have Thorns
The Secret Keeper (HNR review)

Carr, Philippa
Daughters of England (

Carroll, Leslie
Notorious Royal Marriages
Royal Affairs
Royal Pains
Royal Romances
The Royals

Chadwick, Elizabeth
The Greatest Knight
Lady of the English
The Scarlet Lion

Corona, Laurel
Finding Emilie
Penelope’s Daughter

Cowell, Stephanie
Claude & Camille

Cullen, Lynn
Mrs. Poe (HNR review) EDITORS’ CHOICE

Dean, Rebecca
The Shadow Queen

Delors, Catherine
For the King

Diener, Michelle
Banquet of Lies (HNR review)
The Emperor’s Conspiracy
In a Treacherous Court

DiSclafani, Anton
The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls (HNR review)

Dunlap, Susanne
The Musician’s Daughter

Edghill, India

Edelson, Elaine
Aries Fire

Elliott, Anna
Dark Moon of Avalon
Kitty Bennet’s Diary
Sunrise of Avalon
Twilight of Avalon

Elyot, Amanda
All for Love

Emerson, Kate
The King’s Damsel
Secrets of the Tudor Court: At the King’s Pleasure

Erickson, Carrolly
The Unfaithful Queen (HNR review)

Essex, Karen
Dracula in Love

Forest, Jennifer
Behind Jane Austen’s Door

George, Kathleen
The Johnstown Girls (HNR Review, not yet published)

Gilmore, Susan Gregg
The Funeral Dress (HNR review)

Girard, Anne
Madame Picasso

Goodwin, Daisy
The American Heiress

Gortner, C. W.
The Confessions of Catherine de Medici
The Queen’s Vow

Grange, Amanda
Henry Tilney’s Diary
Wickham’s Diary

Gregory, Philippa
The Boleyn Inheritance
The Constant Princess
The Lady of the Rivers
The Other Queen
The Red Queen
The White Queen

Grey, Juliet
Becoming Marie Antoinette
Confessions of Marie Antoinette
Days of Splendor, Days of Sorrow

Haeger, Diane
The Queen’s Rival

Hamilton, Maria
Mr. Darcy and the Secret to Becoming a Gentleman

Hern, Candice
Desperate Measures

Higginbotham, Susan
The Prince Who Did Not Become King
The Queen of Last Hopes

Hite, Ann
The Storycatcher

Holt, Victoria
Mistress of Mellyn
My Enemy the Queen (Royal Intrigue)

Hoyt, SaraLynn
Heaven Made (HNR review)

Inbinder, Gary
Confessions of the Creature (HNR review)
The Flower to the Painter

James, Syrie
Jane Austen’s First Love (coming August 2014)
The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen (HNR review)

Johns, Rebecca
The Countess

Jones, Sherry
Four Sisters, All Queens (HNR review)

Kalogridis, Jeanne
The Inquisitor’s Wife (HNR review)

Kaplan, Mitchell James
By Fire, By Water

Kellow, Kathleen
Rochester, the Mad Earl

Klein, Lisa
Love Disguised (HNR review)

Kocks, Dorothee E.
The Glass Harmonica (HNR review)

Koen, Karleen
Before Versailles
Dark Angels

Kyle, Barbara
Blood Between Queens (HNR review)

Lightfoot, Freda
The Duchess of Drury Lane (HNR review)

MacColl, Michaela
Nobody’s Secret (HNR review)

Mantel, Hilary
Bring Up the Bodies
Wolf Hall

Maxwell, Robin
Jane: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan (HNR review)
The Queen’s Bastard
Signora da Vinci
Virgin: Prelude to the Throne
The Wild Irish

Meacham, Leila
Somerset (HNR review) EDITORS’ CHOICE

Meyer, Carolyn
Loving Will Shakespeare
Where the Broken Heart Still Beats (HNR review)

Moran, Michelle
Madame Tussaud

Morin, Donna Russo
The Courtier’s Secret
The King’s Agent
The Secret of the Glass
To Serve a King

Mullany, Janet
The Bishop and the Actress (HNR review)
The Rules of Gentility

Myers, Cindi
The Woman Who Loved Jesse James (HNR review)

Myrick, Ginger
But for the Grace of God
El Rey
The Welsh Healer
Work of Art

Newark, Elizabeth
The Dacrys Give a Ball

Parry, Robert
The Arrow Chest

Phelan, Paula
1939 Into the Dark

Pierson, C. Allyn
Mr. Darcy’s Little Sister

Plaidy, Jean
The Bastard King (Royal Intrigue)
Evergreen Gallant
A Favorite of the Queen (Royal Intrigue)
Goddess of the Green Room (Royal Intrigue)
The Goldsmith’s Wife (Royal Intrigue)
Indiscretions of the Queen (Royal Intrigue)
The King’s Confidante (Royal Intrigue)
Louis the Well Beloved
Madame du Barry
Madame Serpent (HNR review)
Meg Roper
Perdita’s Prince
The Plantagenet Prelude (Royal Intrigue)
The Prince and the Quakeress
The Queen of Diamonds (Royal Intrigue)
Queen Jezebel (HNR review)
The Revolt of the Eaglets (Royal Intrigue)
The Shadow of the Pomegranate (Royal Intrigue)
The Sun in Splendour
The Young Mary Queen of Scots

Price, Eugenia
To See Your Face Again

Putney, M. J.
Dark Mirror
Fallen From Grace

Resnick, Mike
The Doctor and the Rough Rider (HNR review)

Reynolds, Abigail
Mr. Darcy’s Obsession

Ridgway, Claire
The Anne Boleyn Collection
The Fall of Anne Boleyn

Ross, Elizabeth
Belle Epoque (HNR review) EDITORS’ CHOICE

Ryan, Arliss
The Secret Confessions of Anne Shakespeare

Sankaran, Vanitha

Sarath, Patrice
The Unexpected Miss Bennett (HNR review)

Scliar, Moacyr
The Centaur in the Garden (HNR review)

Scott, Susan Holloway
The Countess and the King

Simonsen, Mary Lydon
Becoming Elizabeth Darcy

Smith, Anne Easter
A Rose for the Crown

Southard, Scott D.
A Jane Austen Daydream

Sullivan, Laura L.
Ladies in Waiting (HNR review)

Tipton, James
Annette Vallon

Trent, Christine
A Royal Likeness

Vantrease, Brenda Rickman
The Illuminator

Vincenzi, Penny
Wicked Pleasures (HNR review)

Webb, Heather
Becoming Josephine (HNR review)

Weir, Alison
The Lady Elizabeth

Wilcox, Victoria
Gone West
Inheritance (HNR review)

Winsor, Kathleen
Forever Amber

Wise, Richard W.
The French Blue

Wood, Naomi
Mrs. Hemingway

Worth, Sandra
Pale Rose of England

Wurtele, Margaret
The Golden Hour