review: Sunrise of Avalon

Sunrise of Avalon by Anna Elliott Concluding an unforgettable retelling of the legend of Trystan and Isolde, Sunrise of Avalon leads up to the final battle between Britain’s forces and the Saxon warlord, Octa [...] read more

review: Kitty Bennett’s Diary

Kitty Bennet’s Dairy Pride & Prejudice Chronicles, Volume 3 by Anna Elliott Catherine “Kitty” Bennet may be Austen’s nondescript sister, but has been reinvented in this continuation as a heroine both witty and brave, [...] read more

review: Dark Moon of Avalon

Dark Moon of Avalon by Anna Elliott Continuing Anna Elliott’s intriguing Avalon trilogy, Dark Moon follows Trystan and Isolde on their dangerous journey across enemy territory in search of an alliance to save Britain [...] read more