review: Horton’s Bend

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Here’s the first review for my 2021 Reading Goals, which I announced back in November as catching up on my backlog of Kindle books. I added Horton’s Bend by Dave Davis a few years ago when I came across it searching for Horton’s Bend: George Washington Horton and His Kin by Annette Horton Herrington (a genealogy reference book). Davis’s Horton’s… Read more »

Reading Goals for 2021

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For several years now I have refused to focus on number goals for reading. This past year I have read mostly non-fiction reference and research books for work projects, putting fiction on the backburner. Other than a few Plaidy/Holt books, and my book clubs reads, I haven’t read and reviewed historical fiction at all. I’d like to break out of… Read more »

review: The Only Woman in the Room

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Today being Hedy Lamarr’s birthday, it seems an appropriate time to publish this review! The Only Woman in the Room by Marie Benedict was the pick for my book club last month and I found it a quick and enjoyable read. Although it is not greatly detailed on Hedy’s life as a Hollywood actress or as a budding scientist, these… Read more »

new: The Desert Nurse

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Jan 2020 Release – Amazon Link BOOK DESCRIPTION It’s 1911, and 21-year-old Evelyn Northey desperately wants to become a doctor. Her father forbids it, withholding the inheritance that would allow her to attend university. At the outbreak of World War I, Evelyn disobeys her father, enlisting as an army nurse bound for Egypt and the disastrous Gallipoli campaign. Under the… Read more »

new: The Plum Tree

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Jan 2020 Release – Amazon Link BOOK DESCRIPTION A deeply moving and masterfully written story of human resilience and enduring love, The Plum Tree follows a young German woman through the chaos of World War II and its aftermath. “Bloom where you’re planted,” is the advice Christine Bölz receives from her beloved Oma. But seventeen-year-old domestic Christine knows there is… Read more »

new: The Chocolatier

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Jan 2020 Release – Amazon Link BOOK DESCRIPTION A young widow. A husband she thought she knew. On the picturesque Italian coast of Amalfi lies a chocolatier’s destiny… San Francisco, 1953: Heartbroken over the mysterious death of her husband, Celina Savoia, a second-generation chocolatière, resolves to take their young son to Italy’s shimmering Amalfi coast to introduce him to his… Read more »

new: Cartier’s Hope

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Jan 2020 Release – Amazon Link BOOK DESCRIPTION New York, 1910: A city of extravagant balls in Fifth Avenue mansions and poor immigrants crammed into crumbling Lower East Side tenements. A city where the suffrage movement is growing stronger every day, but most women reporters are still delegated to the fashion and lifestyle pages. But Vera Garland is set on… Read more »

new: The Heretic Wind

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Jan 2020 Release – Amazon Link BOOK DESCRIPTION Adored by her parents and pampered by the court, the infant Princess Mary’s life changes suddenly and drastically when her father’s eye is taken by the enigmatic Anne Boleyn. Mary stands firm against her father’s determination to destroy both her mother’s reputation, and the Catholic church. It is a battle that will… Read more »

new: The Vineyards of Champagne

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Jan 2020 Release – Amazon Link BOOK DESCRIPTION Beneath the cover of France’s most exquisite vineyards, a city of women defy an army during World War I, from the New York Times bestselling author of The Lost Carousel of Provence…. Deep within the labyrinth of caves that lies below the lush, rolling vineyards of the Champagne region, an underground city… Read more »

new: A Life of Secrets

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Jan 2020 Release (Kindle) – Amazon Link – HC Mar 2020 BOOK DESCRIPTION Deploring social injustice, Lady Deborah Claremont opens a staff agency, concealing the fact that she’s a member of the aristocracy. But Deborah has become accustomed to keeping secrets. It began eight years ago in 1918 when her dashing French lieutenant was tragically killed. Amid an undercurrent of… Read more »

new: Miss Austen

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Jan 2020 Release – Amazon Link BOOK DESCRIPTION Whoever looked at an elderly lady and saw the young heroine she once was? England, 1840. For the two decades following the death of her beloved sister, Jane, Cassandra Austen has lived alone, spending her days visiting friends and relations and quietly, purposefully working to preserve her sister’s reputation. Now in her… Read more »