book club guide: Bride of Pendorric

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• Note: Book Club Guides contain spoilers! Do not proceed unless you’ve read the book.

Book Club Guide

1. Did you have trouble dating this story? No year is mentioned until a good way in, and is an estimated date. Was this distracting for you?
2. The author has a tendency to use uncommon names for her characters. What is your opinion of the Cornish names in this story?
3. At the beginning of the story, while Favel and Roc are in Capri, did you suspect nefarious dealings between her father and newly acquired spouse? For what reason, did you believe, her father was acting so strange?
4. Of all the characters at Pendorric, which ones were suspect in regards to the strange occurrences relating to the “Bride Curse”?
5. Did you find the overabundance of twins in this story to be implausible, or did it seem to fit well enough with the theme?
6. How did you feel about the inclusion of Favel’s long-lost grandfather? Did this particular revelation come as a shock, or was it suspected early on?
7. As he was heavily mistrusted by Favel throughout the story, are you surprised that Roc turned out to be true to his word on everything? Do you feel this is a formula that is often used—by this author and others?
8. What are your thoughts on the personalities of the sets of twins—Barbarina & Deborah, Roc & Morwenna, and Lowella & Hyson?
9. Did you find the description of Cornwall to be satisfying? Such sites mentioned are Trethevy Quoit, Cheesewring, Merry Maidens (prepare printouts or digital images for members to peruse.)
10. Of Victoria Holt’s Gothic novels, how does this one rank with characterization, plot, and resolution?

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