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review: Godwine Kingmaker

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Godwine Kingmaker: Part One of the Great Saxon Earls by Mercedes Rochelle England, 1016. Godwine, a Saxon and son of an erstwhile thegn of Sussex, meets Jarl Ulf, who is lost in the woods after a battle against Edmund Ironside. The Danish nobleman rewards young Godwine for leading him back to his men by taking him under his wing and… Read more »

review: Heir to a Prophecy

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*note: previously titled Thou Shalt Get Kings Heir to a Prophecy by Mercedes Rochelle Those familiar with Shakespeare’s Macbeth will recognize from this story the characters of Banquo, Fleance and the Three Weird Sisters. While they set the stage, the protagonist throughout most of the narrative is Walter Stewart—beginning with his early life as a Welsh outcast, to his glory… Read more »