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review: The Prince and the Quakeress

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The Prince and the Quakeress Fourth Book in the Georgian Saga by Jean Plaidy This is the story of the young George III, when he was not yet considered significant—only the eldest son of the Prince of Wales, Frederick, and grandson of King George II. If you’re not familiar with England’s King Georges’, you may find parts of the story… Read more »

review: Perdita’s Prince

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Perdita’s Prince Georgian Saga #6 by Jean Plaidy This installment of Plaidy’s Georgian Saga comes directly after The Third George and begins with the Prince of Wales’ coming-of-age. At seventeen he is still kept under lock and key, the king controlling his life down to the food he is allowed. When given an inch of freedom, young George runs head-first… Read more »

review: Wildish

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Wildish by Robert Stephen Parry Set in Georgian England during the Jacobite Uprising of 1745, this is the story of Matthew Wildish, Master Wig Maker, socialite and something of a ladies’ man. Though he is not a titled gentleman, he moves in the most elite circles and has befriended many people in high places, however is still in the unique… Read more »