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guest post & giveaway: Obedience by V. G. Kilgore

Attention biblical fiction fans: You’ll not want to miss this guest post and giveaway on V. G. Kilgore’s debut novel, Obedience. This is a story of Noah’s Ark based on Noah’s son, Ham. See the giveaway details at the bottom of the post. Biblical fiction has intrigued me from the time I was a good, church-going teenager, to my current… Read more »

guest post: Fiction and History in Richard Buxton’s Whirligig – A writer’s choice

I decided to base Whirligig, my novel set in the American Civil War, largely in Tennessee and Georgia. The battles around Chattanooga were interesting to me. I only knew of Chickamauga and the subsequent epic charge up Missionary Ridge in summary, but I liked their relative anonymity when compared to the better known eastern battles of Gettysburg or Sharpsburg. I… Read more »