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review: A Royal Likeness

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A Royal Likeness by Christine Trent England, 1803. The French Revolution has ended, but Napoleon Bonaparte is on the move and snapping up pieces of the continent for his empire. England feels threatened and, with much anti-French sentiment, is gearing up for war. Such is the setting for this intriguing novel on a most interesting lady: Madame Tussaud, maker of… Read more »

review: Dark Mirror

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Dark Mirror by M. J. Putney Victoria ‘Tory’ Mansfield is a gentleman’s daughter in the year 1803. Through an act of bravery she exposes the fact that she has magical powers to the genteel society and finds herself shipped off to Lackland Abbey, where young ‘mages’ are sent to cure them of their unsavory nature. Though the common people of… Read more »

review: The Emperor’s Conspiracy

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The Emperor’s Conspiracy by Michelle Diener A smuggling operation during the Napoleonic era threatens to bring down the British government by depleting its gold and causing an economic catastrophe. In the middle of the conspiracy is Charlotte Raven, who is a wealthy ward but originated in the streets of London. Because she has links to the nobility and the commoners,… Read more »

review: The Diamond by Julie Baumgold

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The Diamond by Julie Baumgold From British occupied India to the Kings of France, the Pitt Diamond – later named the Regent – saw many royal personages throughout its history. It was first discovered by a slave toiling the mines and slipped through several hands of thieves and vagabonds before finding its way to Thomas Pitt, Governor of Fort St…. Read more »