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reading now: Summer of ’69

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It’s been a very busy year with my new career as a museum director, and I have allowed my hobby of reading and reviewing to fall by the wayside. Going from working a 9-to-5 (or rather 10-to-6) for years to having no set hours has taken its toll on my free time. One might think that would be the perfect… Read more »

Dorothy Dunnett Reprints

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Dorothy Dunnett’s THE GAME OF KINGS: Book One in the Legendary Lymond Chronicles. Combining all the political intrigue of Game of Thrones with the sweeping romanticism of Outlander, Dorothy Dunnett’s legendary Lymond Chronicles have enthralled readers for decades and amassed legions of devoted fans. The series will be reissued in an oversize trade paperback format on May 14th. The first… Read more »

new: Stoker: Evolution of a Vampire

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I met author Calvin Cherry today and his Dracula prequel, which is a biographical narrative of author Bram Stoker, looks to be an intriguing historical read! Stoker: Evolution of a Vampire by Calvin Cherry Every writer has an inspiration. Every icon holds a story. Every legend hides a dark side. Dear reader, When the boon of sleep becomes a presage… Read more »

review: Born to the Badge

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Born to the Badge by Mark Warren This is the second installment of Warren’s fiction trilogy based on the life of Wyatt Earp (read my review of Adobe Moon). While Wyatt’s youth is behind him, his experiences have left him with heartache and guilt. Nonetheless, he has gained wisdom and his innate ability to be the calming presence in difficult… Read more »

1,000 Books to Read Before You Die

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There’s a feature in the November 2018 issue of Book Page, Choose Your Words Wisely, in which the author of 1,000 Books to Read Before You Die, James Mustich, explains his intent on his huge undertaking. “…[it] is neither comprehensive nor authoritative; it is meant to be an invitation to discovery and a tool to prompt conversations about books and… Read more »

At the Far End of Nowhere by Christine Davis Merriman

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This book came to my attention and I thought I would share it as it sounds like an interesting and unusual historical setting. I’ve been increasingly interested in mid-20th century (post WWII), especially the 60’s. I’m adding this to my ever-growing list! BOOK DESCRIPTION: “In this hauntingly unconventional novel, young Lissa Power challenges the imagination and captures the heart as… Read more »

guest post: Who Owns the Stories

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Guest post by Hilary Shepherd, author of In a Foreign Country, Animated Baggage, and Albi. “Albi is nine years old when Franco’s soldiers arrive in the village and his life begins to change in confusing ways. It’s not clear quite who should be trusted and who should not. Some neighbours disappear not to be seen again, others are hidden from… Read more »

Next up on the TBR: Serafina and the Splintered Heart

I’m eager to read this–I loved the first two in the series and there’s already 172 mostly 5 star ratings on Amazon! Last year I wrote an article on the series, which you can read here if you’re a member of the Historical Novel Society. Serafina and the Twisted Staff ended on an interesting note, and I can’t wait to… Read more »

Reader, She Married Me: A New Jane Eyre Novel

Mr. Rochester: A Novel by Sarah Shoemaker “Reader, she married me.” BOOK DESCRIPTION: For one hundred seventy years, Edward Fairfax Rochester has stood as one of literature’s most romantic, most complex, and most mysterious heroes. Sometimes haughty, sometimes tender-professing his love for Jane Eyre in one breath and denying it in the next-Mr. Rochester has for generations mesmerized, beguiled, and,… Read more »

New from Janet Fitch: The Revolution of Marina M.

I managed to snag an early copy of this 800+ page tome from the author of White Oleander! The Revolution of Marina M. by Janet Fitch Coming November 7, 2017 From the mega-bestselling author of White Oleander and Paint It Black, a sweeping historical saga of the Russian Revolution, as seen through the eyes of one young woman St. Petersburg,… Read more »

New YA Fiction: The Ship to Nowhere

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The Ship to Nowhere by Rona Arato Book Description: “Rachel Fletcher is nine years old when she, her mother and sister are crammed on board the Exodus, a dilapidated vessel smuggling 4500 refugees of the Holocaust to their biblical homeland, Israel, known as Palestine. Since the end of the war, Rachel has been shuffled between a series of displaced persons… Read more »