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review: Georgette Heyer’s Regency World

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Georgette Heyer’s Regency World by Jennifer Kloester Whether you’ve read Georgette Heyer or not–or even if you don’t plan to–this book is an enlightening read for history enthusiasts or those simply wishing to learn more about the Regency era. Heyer’s novels are referred to throughout, but with plenty of details as to how they relate to the facts and information… Read more »

review: Darcy and Fitzwilliam

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Darcy and Fitzwilliam A Tale of a Gentleman and an Officer by Karen V. Wasylowski This Austen continuation explores the first years of Darcy’s marriage, while Colonel Fitzwilliam searches for happiness after the horrors of Waterloo. Lady Catherine de Bourge plays a large part in this novel, though curiously not as the antagonist–that role is given over to Caroline Bingley,… Read more »

review: The Rules of Gentility

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The Rules of Gentility by Janet Mullany Georgette Heyer’s Cotillionmeets Bridget Jones’ Diary–this highly entertaining regency novel is a delight from start to finish! Author Janet Mullany began writing this book as a personal project, but it grew into a full-fledged book, and I am happy to have spent a day and a half in the world of Philomena Wellesley-Clegg… Read more »

review: Desperate Measures

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Desperate Measures: A Regency Short Story by Candice Hern Though this is not my usual genre, I do have a fondness for all things Regency, and so I decided to download the eBook and give it a try. This short story relates a scene from a single evening at a dance, introducing two main characters and a handful of background… Read more »

review: Behind Jane Austen’s Door

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Behind Jane Austen’s Door by Jennifer Forest You can read scores of Regency novels and never quite know the proper etiquette for visiting, or the hierarchy of social classes and what is expected of each. You see the romantic and gentlemanly side of the characters, but never the societal rules governing who can speak to whom, and who you should… Read more »

review: Longbourn by Jo Baker

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Longbourn by Jo Baker Pride and Prejudice through the servants’ eyes—this is the story of the life of Sarah, the maid in charge of the laundry and other various chores of the Bennet household, coinciding with the events from Austen’s original. Sarah began as an orphan from the ‘poorhouse’, taken under Mrs. Hill’s wing and raised at Longbourn. Of an… Read more »

review: Darcy’s Story

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Darcy’s Story by Janet Aylmer This is the story of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice as related by the character of Mr. Darcy—nothing new to the incredibly prolific sub-genre of Austen variations, but possibly one of the first printed, as it came out in 1996, shortly after the popular mini-series featuring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. True to Austen’s characters… Read more »