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review: One Way or Another

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One Way or Another The Snipesville Chronicles, Book 4 by Annette Laing The conclusion to Annette Laing’s time-travel young adult series (Don’t Know Where, Don’t Know When, A Different Day, a Different Destiny, Look Ahead, Look Back) One Way or Another explores racial tensions and class bias in both present day and the early 20th century. Hannah, Alex, and Brandon… Read more »

review: Seven Will Out: A Renaissance Revel

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Seven Will Out: A Renaissance Revel by JoAnn Spears In Spears’ previous novel, Six of One: A Tudor Riff, modern day historian Catherine “Dolly” Rolly traveled to an astral plane where she met the wives of Henry VIII and learned their stories from the source. This time Dolly returns and is met by the later generation Tudors, including Elizabeth I,… Read more »

review: Becoming Elizabeth Darcy

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Becoming Elizabeth Darcy: A Time Travel Novel by Mary Lydon Simonsen Jane Austen fanatic, Elizabeth “Beth” Hannigan, is suffering from an illness and wakes up in the body of Elizabeth Darcy from Pride & Prejudice. What she first thinks is a dream, she begins to realize is more likely a sort of time warp and, once acclimated to her surroundings,… Read more »

review: Dark Mirror

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Dark Mirror by M. J. Putney Victoria ‘Tory’ Mansfield is a gentleman’s daughter in the year 1803. Through an act of bravery she exposes the fact that she has magical powers to the genteel society and finds herself shipped off to Lackland Abbey, where young ‘mages’ are sent to cure them of their unsavory nature. Though the common people of… Read more »