review: The King’s Damsel

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The King’s Damsel by Kate Emerson Thomasine Lodge, an heiress of considerable fortune, is sent to wait upon the young Princess Mary by the odious Sir Lionel, who purchased her wardship. Expected to ingratiate herself to gain favors, Thomasine instead forms a close bond with the princess, giving her complete loyalty even though the majority of the court is flocking… Read more »

review: All for Love

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All for Love: The Scandalous Life and Times of Royal Mistress Mary Robinson by Amanda Elyot Actress, poetess, novelist, essayist, playwright — Mrs. Mary Robinson was all of these as well as a devoted wife and mother, until her husband at last severed all her affection with his licentious, degrading behavior. Though she was immensely intelligent she made rather bad… Read more »

review: Twilight of Avalon

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Twilight of Avalon: A Novel of Trystan & Isolde by Anna Elliott Britain during the Dark Ages was a wild and savage land divided into many sections and each ruled by a different king. The High King and heir of King Arthur was to unite them against the Saxon invaders, but King Constantine died in battle, leaving Queen Isolde to… Read more »

review: Sunrise of Avalon

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Sunrise of Avalon by Anna Elliott Concluding an unforgettable retelling of the legend of Trystan and Isolde, Sunrise of Avalon leads up to the final battle between Britain’s forces and the Saxon warlord, Octa of Kent. Not only does Isolde continually and purposefully walk into dangerous situations in pursuit of an upper hand against her enemies, but she is secretly… Read more »

review: Kitty Bennett’s Diary

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Kitty Bennet’s Dairy Pride & Prejudice Chronicles, Volume 3 by Anna Elliott Catherine “Kitty” Bennet may be Austen’s nondescript sister, but has been reinvented in this continuation as a heroine both witty and brave, and on a mission to find a husband for Mary. In Elliott’s previous novel (Volume 2) Kitty had lost her fiance in the Battle of Warterloo,… Read more »

review: Dark Moon of Avalon

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Dark Moon of Avalon by Anna Elliott Continuing Anna Elliott’s intriguing Avalon trilogy, Dark Moon follows Trystan and Isolde on their dangerous journey across enemy territory in search of an alliance to save Britain from the ruthless traitor, Lord Marche. A treacherous sea voyage, a meeting with a band of masterless men and the ultimate challenge of uniting forces with… Read more »

review: Aries Fire

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Aries Fire: Signs of the Times by Elaine Edelson In the year 415 AD, Hypatia of Alexandra–the legendary Neoplatonist philosopher and instructor of astronomy and mathematics–is brutally murdered by Christian monks. This horrific act sends her 17-year-old daughter, Seira, on the run from her attackers and, more pressingly, their leaders. Cyril, the Patriarch of Alexandria and the future Pope Leo… Read more »

review: Delilah

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Delilah by India Edghill When I was 8 years old I received an illustrated Bible from my aunt for Christmas. Though I no longer have it, I can remember the pictures that were scattered throughout. One featured a muscular, bloodied Samson pushing great pillars. I can’t recall ever learning more about the story–until now. I’m not sure what I expected… Read more »

review: The Musician’s Daughter

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The Musician’s Daughter by Susanne Dunlap Set in 1779 Vienna, Theresa is the daughter of a respected violinist under renowned composer Haydn. On Christmas Eve the family is shocked to find their much loved husband and father had been found dead, with a strange medallion around his neck and missing his prized violin. Theresa, the sole able member of the… Read more »

review: In a Treacherous Court

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In a Treacherous Court by Michelle Diener Susanna Horenbout, a Flemish painter, sails across the channel to join the court of Henry VIII and on the way a dying man’s message is entrusted to her. She immediately becomes the target of an unknown enemy and it falls to the king’s man, John Parker, to keep her safe. Together they unravel… Read more »

review: The Emperor’s Conspiracy

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The Emperor’s Conspiracy by Michelle Diener A smuggling operation during the Napoleonic era threatens to bring down the British government by depleting its gold and causing an economic catastrophe. In the middle of the conspiracy is Charlotte Raven, who is a wealthy ward but originated in the streets of London. Because she has links to the nobility and the commoners,… Read more »

review: For the King

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For the King by Catherine Delors After the French Revolution, when families were picking up the pieces of their scattered lives—loved ones dead, fled abroad or hiding from the new regime—two factions against Napoleon Bonaparte were actively plotting attacks and assassinations. The Chouans were royalists and wished to restore the monarchy, while the Jacobins were revolutionaries who did not support… Read more »