review: Mesmerized

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Mesmerized: How Ben Franklin Solved the Mystery That Baffled All of France by Mara Rockliff, Illustrated by Iacopo Bruno During the American Revolution, an elderly Benjamin Franklin is recruited to journey across the Atlantic Ocean to meet with the King and Queen of France to request funds for the war against their mutual enemy, the British. Ben, a world renowned… Read more »

guest post & giveaway: The Circumstantial Enemy: The Truth Behind the Fiction

Please welcome author John R. Bell today with a guest post about his WWII novel, The Circumstantial Enemy, and one copy of the book up for grabs! “If you don’t write it, Grandad’s story will be lost forever,” My daughter said. I’ll never forget the yearning in her eyes. That was 17 years ago. Grandad was 80 at the time…. Read more »

review: The Woman on the Orient Express

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The Woman on the Orient Express by Lindsay Jayne Ashford Favorite Quote: “For the train, like life, must go on until it reaches its destination. You might not always like what you see out of the window, but if you pull down the blind, you will miss the beauty as well as the ugliness.” A fictionalized account of author Agatha… Read more »

Tony Morgan: Remember, Remember the Gunpowder Plot

A big welcome from to UK author Tony Morgan as he introduces his novels set in early Seventeenth Century England. It all started with the Gunpowder Plot… Religious tensions, terrorists on the streets of London, conflict with Europe and concerns over increasing levels of government surveillance – does this sound familiar? 1605 was a time more like our own… Read more »

review: The Saturday Evening Girls Club

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The Saturday Evening Girls Club by Jane Healey Four friends–Caprice, Maria, Ada, and Thea–from Boston’s poverty-stricken North End have been members of The Saturday Evening Girls Club for seven years. This club, which was started by a librarian and supported by a wealthy society lady with connections, helped the lower-class girls find meaningful work and even provided education grants for… Read more »

A. E. Chandler on The Scarlet Forest: A Tale of Robin Hood welcomes author A. E. Chandler with an article on her novel based on the story of Robin Hood, The Scarlet Forest. Fans of the legend shouldn’t miss this retelling! Read on for more details. Chandler: At four years old, I first saw the Disney cartoon movie of Robin Hood, and since then he has been one of my heroes…. Read more »

review: I Survived: The American Revolution, 1776

I Survived: The American Revolution, 1776 by Lauren Tarshis This is an excellent young adult chapter book covering the Battle of Brooklyn during the Revolutionary War. The main character is eleven-year-old Nate, who escaped from an abusive uncle only to find himself in the midst of an army camp. There, however, he reunites with a friend from his sailing days… Read more »

review: Godwine Kingmaker

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Godwine Kingmaker: Part One of the Great Saxon Earls by Mercedes Rochelle England, 1016. Godwine, a Saxon and son of an erstwhile thegn of Sussex, meets Jarl Ulf, who is lost in the woods after a battle against Edmund Ironside. The Danish nobleman rewards young Godwine for leading him back to his men by taking him under his wing and… Read more »

History + Vampires

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Browsing the sadly lacking audiobook selection at my local library (this particular library seems to have something against audiobooks that aren’t your usual big name mystery novels), I picked this one up even though I have not read Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I don’t think it will be an issue, as it’s giving a bit of a recap. So far… Read more »

And Ladies of the Club by Helen Hooven Santmyer

Here’s an odd duck I came across yesterday. The strange title coupled with the enormous girth of this book caught my eye in the Historical Fiction section. I was also intrigued with the octogenarian author’s life and decided to do a little research. I found a nice review of the book at Novel Matters with a ‘strong recommendation’. And Ladies… Read more »

Next up on the TBR: Serafina and the Splintered Heart

I’m eager to read this–I loved the first two in the series and there’s already 172 mostly 5 star ratings on Amazon! Last year I wrote an article on the series, which you can read here if you’re a member of the Historical Novel Society. Serafina and the Twisted Staff ended on an interesting note, and I can’t wait to… Read more »

Emily Post: Daughter of the Gilded Age, Mistress of American Manners

This one is non-fiction, but caught my eye today. Looks like an interesting biography…her life would make an intriguing novel! Emily Post: Daughter of the Gilded Age, Mistress of American Manners by Laura Claridge BOOK DESCRIPTION “What would Emily Post do?” Even today, Americans cite the author of the perennial bestseller Etiquette as a touchstone for proper behavior. But who… Read more »