review: Dark Moon of Avalon

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darkmoonofavalonDark Moon of Avalon

by Anna Elliott

Continuing Anna Elliott’s intriguing Avalon trilogy, Dark Moon follows Trystan and Isolde on their dangerous journey across enemy territory in search of an alliance to save Britain from the ruthless traitor, Lord Marche. A treacherous sea voyage, a meeting with a band of masterless men and the ultimate challenge of uniting forces with a longtime Saxon foe are among the nearly impossible circumstances the couple faces.

There is more than one endearing new friend to join the balanced cast and other characters alluded to but not making an actual appearance. The story is told between Trystan and Isolde, giving readers an intimate view of the thoughts and emotions of each.

I enjoyed this second installment more than the first, Twilight of Avalon, because I finally got a sense of the protagonists’ true characters and many questions about their past were explained in detail. The relationship between Trystan and Isolde was very mysterious in the previous book, but this one comes full circle in uniting the legendary lovers.