review: Desperate Measures

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desperatemeasures1Desperate Measures: A Regency Short Story

by Candice Hern

Though this is not my usual genre, I do have a fondness for all things Regency, and so I decided to download the eBook and give it a try. This short story relates a scene from a single evening at a dance, introducing two main characters and a handful of background characters, including an older brother and his mischievous friend, a mother scheming for her daughter’s marriage prospects, and a notorious womanizer pitted against a true gentleman—the object of the protagonist’s affection. While it is humorous and entertaining, it does begin to overstep the boundary that separates historical fiction from historical romance, but is a great diversion for Georgette Heyer fans looking for similar reads. The author has a plethora of other Regency novels and does have an appealing style, though may lean toward the romance end of the spectrum.