review: Mr. Darcy’s Obsession

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mrdarcysobsessionMr. Darcy’s Obsession

by Abigail Reynolds

This Pride & Prejudice variation explores what could have happened if Darcy had not proposed at Rosings and, with much personal turmoil on his mind that did not stem from his attachment to Elizabeth, cut all connections with the Bennets. When he happens upon Elizabeth in London, all of his feelings come rushing back and he finds he cannot stay away.

Elizabeth’s life has taken a downhill turn. Her father passed away without settling any of his daughters with a proper dowry and they are living on the charity of others. Jane, having never reconnected with Bingley since Elizabeth and Darcy did not have the necessary conversation during the proposal scene in this version, married an aging shopkeeper to lessen the burden. While Darcy and Elizabeth renew their acquaintance, Lydia (of course) causes a scandal, but surprisingly Darcy’s family turns out to be even more shocking.

I loved many characters in this book, and the antagonists turned out to be Darcy’s uncle rather than his aunt, and a cousin. Though there seems to be too much drama occurring in this story, it is a fun ride! I add this to my long list of enjoyable Austen variations.