review: Pemberley Shades

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pemberleyshadesPemberley Shades: A Lightly Gothic Tale of Mr. and Mrs. Darcy

by D.A. Bonavia-Hunt

The cover art and subtitle of this book suggest a mysterious, sinister tone that I couldn’t detect. It is much like other Austen continuations in setting and characterization. It’s true that one of the main characters, Acworth, is strange and difficult to read. I knew from hints in the beginning his family situation and station in life, but his motivations are perplexing. A few new characters are thrown in — Wakeford, wounded soldier and friend of Darcy. Mortimer, who is a neighbor and temporary stand-in at the parsonage. Also the old Rector’s adult daughters make good antagonists by being a thorn in Mrs. Darcy’s side. Unfortunately you will not meet Caroline Bingley or Mrs. Bennet, which always makes for a lively story, but Lady Catherine de Bourgh is here in all her shinning glory. There is also a good part for her daughter, Anne de Bourgh. As Austen continuations go I would say this is one of the more detailed and inventive ones.