review: Sunrise of Avalon

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sunriseofavalonSunrise of Avalon

by Anna Elliott

Concluding an unforgettable retelling of the legend of Trystan and Isolde, Sunrise of Avalon leads up to the final battle between Britain’s forces and the Saxon warlord, Octa of Kent. Not only does Isolde continually and purposefully walk into dangerous situations in pursuit of an upper hand against her enemies, but she is secretly carrying Trystan’s child. Meanwhile, Trystan plays two sides, trying to save lives and ultimately face down his traitorous father, Lord Marche.

The trilogy covers the year after Isolde’s husband, Constantine, dies in battle, but through memories, stories and visions the past is pieced together at a sometimes frustrating pace, but nonetheless all of the secrets come out in the end. I’m very happy to have finally read a series with a satisfying ending that is not unbelievable or cheesy, and it ties up all loose ends.

Having spent the last several weeks with these characters has been like watching a mini-series on TV. Though both Isolde and Trystan become the iconic heroes of the story, they seem sketchy and mysterious in the first book. By the second book, with a little more known of their backgrounds, an attachment is formed, making the third installment a must-read. I am glad I waited to read all three books at once—though 1200+ pages coupled with the fact that I was in the midst of a move made it a slow-go.

I was tempted to read Sunrise of Avalon without reading the first two, so I could give the author a timely review, but I recommend reading this trilogy in its entirety and in order.