review: The Tudor Secret

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tudorsecretThe Tudor Secret

by C. W. Gortner

England, Summer 1553: Brendan Prescott, a foundling serving in the household of the Dudley family, is immediately immersed in political intrigue when he joins the court as Lord Robert’s squire. With an unknown background and generic face, he makes the perfect spy and is only too happy to lend his services to the regal Princess Elizabeth. Along the way he discovers the pieces to his past and uncovers treasonous plots that endanger himself and those he loves.

If you’re a fan of historical mysteries and the Tudors, this is the perfect read for you. King Edward is dying, Northumberland is scheming and both Princess Mary and Princess Elizabeth are questioning the events taking place. Brendan is courting danger when he makes his choices on loyalty, and his own secret past is an ever intriguing background story.

The ending is perfectly executed for a sequel or series. It closes doors, but leaves one little window open that invites you to continue on with the story.