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author interview: Anna Elliott

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You previously revealed that the inspiration for your Avalon series came in a dream. Have you always had an inclination for writing or is it a newfound passion? Oh, yes, I’ve been writing stories all my life, though only seriously pursuing novel writing since college. I’d written several books, but had almost given up on seeing any of them published… Read more »

author guest post: Anna Elliott & King Arthur

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I first studied the Trystan and Isolde legend and the King Arthur tales of which they are a part in college, when I was majoring in Medieval literature and history. I’ve always loved the Arthurian world, with its unique blend of history and magic, enchantment and reality. And the Trystan and Isolde story captivated me, as well, with its tale… Read more »

review: Twilight of Avalon

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Twilight of Avalon: A Novel of Trystan & Isolde by Anna Elliott Britain during the Dark Ages was a wild and savage land divided into many sections and each ruled by a different king. The High King and heir of King Arthur was to unite them against the Saxon invaders, but King Constantine died in battle, leaving Queen Isolde to… Read more »

review: Sunrise of Avalon

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Sunrise of Avalon by Anna Elliott Concluding an unforgettable retelling of the legend of Trystan and Isolde, Sunrise of Avalon leads up to the final battle between Britain’s forces and the Saxon warlord, Octa of Kent. Not only does Isolde continually and purposefully walk into dangerous situations in pursuit of an upper hand against her enemies, but she is secretly… Read more »

review: Kitty Bennett’s Diary

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Kitty Bennet’s Dairy Pride & Prejudice Chronicles, Volume 3 by Anna Elliott Catherine “Kitty” Bennet may be Austen’s nondescript sister, but has been reinvented in this continuation as a heroine both witty and brave, and on a mission to find a husband for Mary. In Elliott’s previous novel (Volume 2) Kitty had lost her fiance in the Battle of Warterloo,… Read more »

review: Dark Moon of Avalon

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Dark Moon of Avalon by Anna Elliott Continuing Anna Elliott’s intriguing Avalon trilogy, Dark Moon follows Trystan and Isolde on their dangerous journey across enemy territory in search of an alliance to save Britain from the ruthless traitor, Lord Marche. A treacherous sea voyage, a meeting with a band of masterless men and the ultimate challenge of uniting forces with… Read more »