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author interview: Gary Inbinder

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In venturing outside my usual genre I have discovered several great reads lately, including this one—Confessions of the Creature by Gary Inbinder, which is a continuation of Mary Shelley’s classic,Frankenstein. The creature has exacted revenge on his creator, retreated into the wilds of Russia and later finds himself transforming from monster to man. He rejoins society and moves up the… Read more »

review: The Flower to the Painter

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The Flower to the Painter by Gary Inbinder Marcia Brownlow, a young artist among a group of American expatriates in late 19th century Europe, began her journey as a governess when her family fell on hard times and left her bereft. A friend’s aunt makes a proposal that Marcia cannot afford to decline, although it would require a major deception:… Read more »