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review: Penelope’s Daughter

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Penelope’s Daughter by Laurel Corona In this novel The Odyssey is retold through the eyes of a character Homer never imagined–the daughter Odysseus didn’t know he had. If you know the original story, which, sadly I’ve never read the epic poem in its entirety (we skimmed it in English class), you’ll notice Penelope has no daughter. Of course, this is… Read more »

review: Finding Emilie

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Finding Emilie by Laurel Corona Set in the decades leading up to the French Revolution, this is a story of two women: Emilie du Chatelet, the love of the famed French writer and philosopher Voltaire, and the daughter she died giving birth to, Stanislas-Adelaide (known in this story as Lili). Shorter chapters are set throughout the book to give us… Read more »