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book club guide: Bride of Pendorric

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• Note: Book Club Guides contain spoilers! Do not proceed unless you’ve read the book. BRIDE OF PENDORRIC BY VICTORIA HOLT Book Club Guide 1. Did you have trouble dating this story? No year is mentioned until a good way in, and is an estimated date. Was this distracting for you? 2. The author has a tendency to use uncommon… Read more »

review: Bride of Pendorric

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Bride of Pendorric by Victoria Holt Nineteen-year-old Favel Farrington has lived most of her life with her parents on the Italian island of Capri. Having spent her younger years at the boarding school her mother attended in England, she never thought she’d go back, but her life is forever changed when Roc Pendorric of Cornwall walks into her father’s art… Read more »

First Line Friday: 5/5/17

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“I often marveled after I went to Pendorric that one’s existence could change so swiftly, so devastatingly.” BRIDE OF PENDORRIC by Victoria Holt “Favel Farrington meets Roc Pendorric on the idyllic Mediterranean island of Capri, where she was raised and lives with her father. Roc sweeps her off her feet, taking her from her home by an emerald sea to… Read more »

review: The Time of the Hunter’s Moon

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The Time of the Hunter’s Moon by Victoria Holt Cordelia Grant, an English student at an exclusive finishing school in Switzerland, is enjoying her final term and looking forward to going home to her beloved aunt Patty and working as a schoolmistress. Cordelia and her friends decide to go on one last adventure together after hearing the local legend set… Read more »